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Для любителей моря и солнца!

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Recently the real estate in Turkey became very popular among the Russian and foreign investors. The economy of Turkey and its situation among the countries European the commonwealth steadily grow. Turkey – the country of huge potential. Its location and historical component are very attractive to people from all over the world, and the standard of living corresponds to the European. Turkey — long ago a favourite venue of holiday. Kemer, Baby seal, Antalya, Alania, Marmaris — known places of fine rest. But at the same time with growth of popularity of Turkey and rise in prices for hotels, the market of real estate focused for acquisition by foreigners began to develop. It differs that housing estates have all infrastructure for rest and accommodation, have a convenient arrangement in relation to the sea and the airports and are intended for full accommodation. Thus, ratio of quality of construction and price the very good. On a choice is both the budgetary apartments, and magnificent country houses with own moorings for walking boats and yachts. Yachting – one more attractive feature of Turkey. Convenient maritime routes for travel across all Mediterranean and good marines with service are pleasant to yachtsmen. The climate, the green coast and the beautiful sea don't concede to coasts of Spain, France, Italy. Besides, since recent time the law simplifying process of acquisition of real estate in Turkey by foreigners is adopted. Receiving VNZh in Turkey simple and standard procedure that allows to live in Turkey any quantity of time for all family members. Real estate maintenance costs small, also are management companies which care of real estate during absence of owners.

Also, there is a great demand for rent of apartments and country houses on the coast of Turkey that gives the chance to gain income at the same time with a rise in prices for the acquired real estate.

It is a good bonus for investors and successful placement of the capital.

Our company has a wide experience of work with buyers and investors, and our consultants offer such real estate which has growth potential in the price. We look and at quality of construction, both at a site, and at reputation of the company builder that is very important as the builder has to provide a quality assurance for some years after object delivery. We don't promise gold mountains, but we guarantee a favorable and risk-free investment of means. Basis of our work – maintenance of high reputation of the company that is possible only at honest relationship with clients of the company and support of our clients after real estate acquisition.

With infrastructure development in Turkey, real estate acquisition in the country becomes more and more popular among inhabitants of the different states. With improvement of living conditions, interest to real estate acquisition besides grows in the Turkish open spaces. Low real estate prices, ratio of the price and quality, warm climate, the wonderful sea, the hospitable attitude towards foreign people — all this helps Turkey to enter active rivalry with other countries in the real estate market. And it in spite of the fact that to the Turkish market of real estate isn't a lot of years.

Turkey — the various country. It is possible to get the apartment, both for a constant residence, and for the beautiful vacation spot. If you decided to move to Turkey to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE, at serious approach to business, you will be able not only to get to yourselves the convenient apartment, a country house or the house in this wonderful country, but also to gain constant growing income, having opened here own business, or to be connected to the already available. In a fertile Turkish resort zone there are a lot of opportunities for the Russian-speaking population. Beginning from hotels, and finishing own business.

If you accept climate, the friendly population of the country and you have integral plans for life in Turkey, dare. And you won't be mistaken with a choice!

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